Rock-A-Thon 2018 (the easiest fundraiser of the year)


Velocity is coming up quickly and so are our fundraisers!


One of our biggest fundraisers is coming up May 11th: The Rock-A-Thon. All you need to do is collect pledges for every hour you sit in a rocking chair (get it?). So if you get one person to pledge $5 for 12 hours then you have $60 bucks raised. Cool, huh? So we will be doing an all night Rock-A-Thon with movies, video games, contests, etc. If you want more info, then download the pledge sheet below so you can get the info you need and have something to show a potential donor what you are up to! The more pledges that you get before the event, the more money you stand to earn for camp.


Date: May 11
Time: 8pm-8am
Cost: It’s a fundraiser. Why would there be a cost??

Rock-A-Thon Pledge Sheet

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